7 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Social Media Platforms

To err is human; but some errors can cost you a fortune. Marketing your brand on social media doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, but when you follow the right strategies to impact the right audience, your brand visibility skyrockets.

A lot of small businesses incorporate social media in their marketing plans, but cannot recognize the importance of using these social media platforms in the right way. There are some social media marketing mistakes that companies make often, which can cause a negative impact on your business.

Let me share with you 7 common social media marketing mistakes you can avoid at all costs when you are trying to promote your brand to a global audience.

Shouting Out Loud

#ShoutOutLoud is a very popular hashtag to use on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s good that as a startup or a small business, you’re enthusiastic enough to promote your brand louder to get attention on social media. But when you promote your brand excessively, it can cause a negative influence on your followers. They can take it as spamming your target audience.

You need powerful, specific hashtags to brand yourself on social media. You can engage people on your social media accounts and make them follow your brand organically by providing information that adds value to your customers instead of bragging too much about your brand.

Not Tracking Your Social Media Platforms

Uploading stories, videos, photos every day is not the right way to attract followers on social media. Consistency is a brilliant strategy to follow, but without tracking your social media results, you may not know your progress. Every small business must track their social media performance to create clear social media strategies with objectives and goals.

Without actionable insights, you cannot measure the success of your social media marketing strategies. When you track your social media analytics, you can create content, identify the right social networks for your company and understand your competitors to build a better marketing strategy that outweighs them. Begin gathering your analytics to cultivate better relationships with your audience.

Failing to Use Content Variations

15 words on Twitter will not do magic for your brand nor is writing 1500 page blog posts going to be effective enough for your audience. The way you use various content formats on your social media is going to be the key to brand recognition and awareness.

If you want your content marketing on social media to be popular, precise and active, you need to use videos, photos, blogs, infographics and other forms of content to increase your followers. Graphical content is easier to read and grasp than plain text. Change your content delivery method on social media platforms to bring a lot of followers.

Vague Social Media Marketing Strategies

Most companies decide on having a social media strategy but don’t make it audience-specific, leading to a downfall in their brand awareness. Every business needs a strategy that is sync with their social media audience so that they can cater to the needs of their audience easily via these social media platforms.

When you cannot have a social media marketing strategy for your brand, you might lose to your competitors, cannot keep customers, and also miss out on opportunities for better targeting and optimization. When you have a specific marketing strategy with a concrete plan of action and budget, it is easy to influence your audience through social media.

Too Much Automation

Most brands approach social media marketing as a robotic act rather than a manual wholehearted task. There are so many automation tools in the market for brands to engage themselves in promoting their business on social media platforms. But posting impersonal content on social media platforms is cringeworthy. Audiences love personalized services, and that’s why they approach physical stores. Likewise, having personalized content on social media platforms will engage audiences to interact and make purchases to a specific brand.

You can definitely use automation tools to post images and content on your platforms but don’t overdo it as it can make you lose your audience with too much irrelevant automatic content.

Ignoring Your Social Media Audience

Social media stands for engagement and if your brand doesn’t appreciate your followers, comments, tags, and posts, it can cost you badly. You must create a social media team that specifically monitors and responds to every conversation to display understanding and professionalism in your audience.

Building a strong social media presence does not rely only on your marketing budget or the type of content you post on these platforms. It only depends on your engagement with your social media followers. Ignoring your customers’ views, feedback, questions, queries and even negative comments about your brand will drive your customers to your competitors. Focusing on your social media audience like a hawk can elevate your business.

Look-Alike Social Media Platforms

When you start a small business, you are inclined towards selling and improving your profits rather than focusing on social media platforms and marketing. When this happens, there’s 90% chances of your social media platforms to look alike. Each social media platform is unique and you must learn the language of each platform to speak to your users effectively.

When you learn to see every social media platform as a separate entity with its own unique opportunities, you will discover how your brand can perform on each social media platform to increase your exposure. You can achieve different results on different social media platforms, so be open to experimenting social media on a larger scale.

Social media done right can make your brand shine bright!

6 Ways CRM Helps Outsmart Competitors in 2021

There are dozens of skills and methodologies to engage with customers and allow them to purchase your products or services. It does not matter what products or services your company sells; you need to do it better than your competitors to create an excellent impression on your fan base.

One of the best tools to invest for your business is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It helps bring order to your business and make it more competitive. CRM automates interaction with customers, contributing to the growth of revenue and sales volumes.

Here are 6 ways in which a CRM tool can help outsmart your competitors in 2021,

Increases Customer Loyalty

Every business needs to focus on customer retention and loyalty for longer sustainability in the global market. CRM is a great tool to maintain regular customer communication with customers, find newer contacts and create personalized offers. It caters to the needs of your customers and make them stick to your brand. With the help of filters, you can divide your customers and clients into groups by different parameters and conduct individual mailings.

Promotes Repeated Sales

Repeated sales from repetitive customers is the easiest way to expand your business. It takes a lot of time and effort to catch new customers, but minimal efforts to keep a customer and make them buy products regularly. You can offer a discount for the next first chase for your regular customers and thus increase the amount of the average receipts. When you attract your customers with deals, they seldom look for other competitive brands.

Eliminates Routine Operations

If you have a big client base, you can waste a lot of time focusing on repetitive operations every day, which can hinder your sales and revenue. By installing a CRM tool, you can help your employees interact with your customers 20% more and save time on routine operations. Since it automates plenty of everyday work processes, a CRM tool helps you find new leads, process faster and give preferences to sales and marketing.

Centralized Database

CRM helps you maintain a crystal-clear pipeline of all the leads, customers, purchases and history of your customers in a centralized system. When you have all the required information in an organized manner, you can easily communicate with your customers about their needs and provide instant solutions. This will help them stick to your brand more than going for your competitors.

Excellent Customer Service

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, cater to your customers’ needs in a professional and personalized manner. With CRM, you can process customer related queries and answer them faster through a centralized communication system. When your customers are happy, they make referrals and repeat businesses.

Know Your Competition

CRM is an intelligence tool which tracks and monitors customer’s data, purchasing history, your sales and revenue reports in a timely manner. It helps analyze your business by comparing with other competitors. And provides insights to change your strategies to increase your revenue. When you know your competition, it becomes easy to outsmart them with hard work and intelligent strategies.

Bottom Line

As the digital world develops, businesses need to adapt to new technologies to remain relevant and sustainable in the global market. Many companies need systems that help align data, processes and teams, enabling them to better connect with customers and increase their revenue. CRM can provide the support to excel against increasing market competition.

If you are looking to create a custom relationship management tool for your company, contact us for a free demo.

5 Reasons Why Websites Are Still Important in the Social Media Era

Businesses are relying on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for brand visibility nowadays. But it becomes important for both small and large-scale businesses to still invest in a dynamic and user-friendly website to be sustainable in the global market.

There are businesses still operating without a website in 2021, which makes customers feel unprofessional and unreliable on their brand, products and services. Though you are active on social media platforms, your products or services are less popular because of a lack of a professional business website.

Statistics show that about 3.5 billion Google searches are made per day and without a website you won’t be able to attract potential customers to your business. You may receive attention on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. However, many prospective customers still look for a professional website with FAQ, chat box and other personalized services to make a purchase.

If you want to grab the attention of prospective customers, invest in a professional website even during this social media era. If you’re still not convinced about having a professional website for your small business or startup company, here are few more valid reasons to consider in building one,

1. Websites Show Credibility

Websites are like the CV of a business. Building a professional website for your brand will increase your credibility among businesses. Social media platforms aren’t enough to attract followers or sustain the loyalty of customers. Most people browse for a professional website before opting for your services than social media platforms. A website will help you attract plenty of business in the long haul.

2. Websites Eliminate Third-Party Deals

When you own a website, you don’t have to depend on a third party such as a social media platform to communicate with visitors, leads and customers. The website will help communicate with your customers in a personalized manner and develop a good rapport with them.

3. Websites Increase Valid Purchases

Social media platforms are free and can attract plenty of visitors every day, but chances of them making a purchase or opting for your service is less. It’s because getting a target audience on these platforms is difficult as social media platforms are suitable for different demographics. Target audience for your brand depends on your website. Most customers who are genuinely interested in your brand will visit your website rather than your social media platforms.

4. Websites are Less Expensive

Social media marketing has become one of the most popular and expensive advertising entities for business nowadays. Brands spend a lot of money on social media advertising for various platforms. They create content for various platforms with little to no engagement. The chances of getting responses on social media platforms get suppressed without an expensive social media advertising budget. Investing in a professional website is less expensive than these marketing strategies as you can rank your website to get better traffic without spending a fortune.

5. Websites are Secure

Social media platforms are literally free to create by anybody and the chances of hacking your private information is high. When you build your own website, you have your own domain and the content you produce is exclusive to your brand. This allows you to have full control over your brand with increased security.

Bottom Line

A website is an asset that nobody can take away. Even with popularity soaring over social media platforms; websites are still important because they are the central home of any brand. Website is a bridge between social media and affiliate marketing.

Social media is the bait while the website is the hook and gets you your final catch. Therefore, building a credible website for your brand will help you become successful in your chosen field.

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8 Important factors for Instagram Marketing in 2021

Are you interested in marketing your content on the most popular social media platform; Instagram? This has become a sought-after platform for brands, small businesses and startups because of instant results and popularity. Every social media platform has an algorithm on its own and as business owners you must understand the principles behind the Instagram algorithm to suggest content and set up marketing strategies to these standards.

If you are wondering why there are always fewer followers or content reach for your brand, you might have to consider these eight factors to determine how Instagram feed might work for your audience.

8 Factors to Consider for Instagram Marketing

Relevancy: If your brand deals with a specific niche such as food, gaming or entertainment, you can post videos and photos related to this niche. Instagram will start ranking your post based on the relevant niche. It will track your past activity, your potential audience interests and suggest your content.

Timelines: Instagram considers timelines as one of the key factors for ranking. It will check the recent timelines of your post and sort them according to your visits. Instagram algorithms track when you post and keep a note of the interesting posts and latest posts which have got more likes and followers to increase your brand’s visibility. The more you post on Instagram, the greater the reach.

Social Circle: If you have a group of friends or a community on Instagram, the algorithm follows your friends, mutual friends and the community circle. The more you interact with these people, Instagram will study your past interactions to see which account you engage most often with and make suggestions.

Frequency: Every time a user opens up the app, the Instagram algorithm will try to show the best pots since their last visit on their feed. It will check your recent and older posts and the timeline between each visit on the app. If the user checks Instagram frequently, it will post the relevant content on their feed.

Followers: Each brand has several followers on Instagram and the algorithm plays a key role for showing up your content based on your follower’s feeds. If a large percentage of your following is negative, then you may have lesser ranking on the Instagram algorithm. Try to increase your followers for greater brand awareness.

Usage: If a user spends enough time on Instagram app, they could run out of new content. As per the algorithm, most of the content has already been viewed by the users. In such cases, the algorithm will serve suggested content from new accounts based on your user’s previous interactions. If they spend only a limited time on the app, the algorithm shows only highlights from the day.

Engagement: Posting quality content on Instagram makes people engage with your content with comments, likes and shares. Based on your followers, the Instagram algorithm will encourage more engagement on your posts. They will make your content visible in a non-promotional way.

Impressions: Instagram offers brands to stand out from the crowd using their reels option. Use both organic and paid posts on Instagram to get views and impressions. Instagram algorithm analyzes your post and helps your audience connect with your reels effectively. You can tag products in Instagram reels and also highlight them on your stories to get potential customers.

Bottom Line

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to market your brand and increase your ranking. It is best to consider the Instagram algorithm to change your social media strategies. But when you keep posting relevant content consistently, your business account gets targeted audiences. Quality content gains recognition for a brand.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Website in 2021

In this digital world, websites have become one of the most important tools for brand promotion; be it a small business or a large enterprise. Having a well-designed, dynamic and user-friendly website has become a necessity to stay ahead of competition. If you already have a website, you need to upgrade your website to attract plenty of customers. Even though you might have designed your website just a few years back, it is important to include the latest trends on your website to keep them user-friendly. Here are a few reasons to upgrade your website in 2021,


It has become easy for people to hack your website in recent times because of several technologies. All websites are in-built with top security tools. However, you need to upgrade your website in 2021 to protect your website against cyber attacks, viruses and other threats. Email phishing has become the most common attack; affecting 30 percent of websites and many sophisticated attacks go undetected. Even though security may not be the key priority, it is important to upgrade your website with the current level of security measures.

• You can secure your website by using two-step verification, encrypted pages, backup frequently, update applications on software, web application, firewall and password protection.
• Check whether your site is using an SSL certificate and protected with HTTPS.


Do you often receive complaints about your website speed and conversion rates? A one second delay in page loading time leads to lesser page views, decrease in customer satisfaction and loss of conversions. If you want to keep your customers engaged with your website, it is important to upgrade your website’s performance to rank well with Google and keep your bottom-line profits high.

• Most customers expect websites to load in 3 seconds and will abandon a page if it takes more time to load. Upgrade your website to fasten page loading time.
• Putting an effort to increase your site speed even by a second can have major impacts on conversions.
• Google takes notes of your website loading time, which will help in indexing your website and get higher rankings in search engine results.


If you want your website to look better and more streamlined, you need to take advantage of getting an upgrade in 2021. When your website is easier for people to navigate and search for products or services, it benefits your profits as your business. Customers prefer to use websites with intuitive design and a professional feel. Sometimes a website may require a full redesign or simply you can tweak the layout you already have to increase the look of your website.

• Changing one aspect of your site might improve functionality.
• It helps users to navigate your site and get the best search results.
• A website with a professional look will help gain clients and other businesses.
• If you want to outgrow your competitors, update your entire website with unique elements to make it aesthetically pleasing for your audience.

Google SEO

Just like your website, your digital marketing and SEO practices need an upgrade now and then. If you don’t update your website, your Google rankings and site performance can take a hit. Search engine optimization is necessary to get organic search engine ranking, industry-based keyword ranking and proper Google analytics. Google algorithms are changing from time to time which triggers the need to upgrade your website to meet these Google standards.

• Keywords play an integral part in the success of your SEO campaign.
• It is important to update your on-page optimization strategy with the new keywords to keep it improved.
• You need to stay up to date with your keywords.
• Content is also a key point to boost your SEO as it drives people to your website and gets them interested in your business.
• You need to upgrade your website with creative, informative and latest content to increase your web traffic and increase the time they spend on your website.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is extending your marketing strategies by redirecting your social media followers to your website and making it accessible for your target audience and customers. The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

• Social media integration can make your website more attractive to customers and enhance the experience of your website visitors.
• It encourages your prospective customers to engage with your brand in a more personalized manner.
• You can get a lot of social media followers and website visitors through social media platforms.
• When you add social media website buttons on your website, it is convenient for site visitors to access the social profile through a single click.
• Visitors can share and save your products through social media integration on product pages and help you increase connections with people behind the company, your values and your mission.
• Social media integration will also help you enhance social media marketing that increases sales lead generation and sales.

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Why You Should Automate Your Business Using Custom Mobile Apps in 2021

Mobile devices are smart phones because of one primary reason: the host of applications they offer for every business purpose nowadays. Mobile applications help users to search for products, services online and make purchases at the comfort of their homes.

If you are a small business owner who doesn’t rely on a mobile app to sell your products, you might need a change of mind to outshine your future competitors.

Many businesses are migrating to mobile apps in 2021 because of its vast functionalities and convenience. Here are the 5 reasons to automate your business by using customized mobile apps.

Reason 1: Your Business Lacks Visibility

If your business attracts lesser potential customers, you might have to consider automating your business with the customized mobile app. We create customized mobile apps based on your business needs, which makes it a valuable tool to increase your business visibility across the globe. You can add promotional offers and engage with plenty of customers, increasing leads for your business.

Reason 2: Your Business Loses Customers

Customers are one of the important factors for the sustainability and success of any business. Many new age consumers prefer buying products through a mobile app than visiting a physical store or website. In-app purchases and promotions have greater impact on the customers as compared to social media ads, emails and other roadside banners. Customers stick to a brand when they find it easy to purchase and earn rewards through the app. You can introduce app-based loyalty programs with award points to make your customers stay loyal and keep coming back.

Reason 3: Your Old Marketing Strategies Fail

With plenty of business happening digitally, the old way of marketing your business to the audience is not bringing you desired results. Automate your business with customized mobile apps to make your customers get in touch with your brand and market your products. Mobile apps can do all the business and marketing strategies such as passing information, booking, forms, accounts, newsfeed and promotions. You can send notifications, emails, instant messages and offers through the app to remind your customers about your new offers and products. This enhances customers to check in to your business app and make purchases.

Reason 4: Your Profits Don’t Match with Your Sales

For a business to sustain in a competitive market, it requires a balance between profits and losses. When you increase your brand’s popularity and awareness, customers feel satisfied with your products and they help you grow your profits. But if you see that your sales and profits are not directly proportional to each other, you must automate your business using mobile apps. The time a customer takes to visit a store and buy your product is 10 times higher than to download your app and make in-app purchases. If you want your profits to rise, you need a custom mobile app.

Reason 5: Your Customer Complaints Skyrocket

Customers look for brands that offer excellent customer service and help them with their queries and problems instantly. If you see a constant rise in complaints about your brand, you might need to automate your customer service. People do not expect a person to address their issues nowadays. They are looking for chatbots and artificial intelligence support to get quicker solutions for their problems. Mobile apps can help you provide wonderful customer service to your customers and help them visit your brand to make repeated purchases.

Many businesses have realized the importance of mobile devices to attract new customers. Mobile apps have become affordable for both small and established businesses.

If you are still hesitating to automate your business with a custom mobile app, you can call us for a free consultation. We can guide you!

8 Social Media Content Ideas for Brands

If you are a small business owner looking to create social media content, this article will help you find innovative solutions for improving social media strategy for your brand.

Social media has become one of the popular platforms for brands to popularize their services and products for a global audience. Creating consistent and valuable content for social media on a day-to-day basis can daunt when you run out of ideas.

A 30-day social media content for different social media platforms needs brainstorming and valuable feedback from your targeted audience. When you understand your visitor’s needs and deliver content related to those aspects on your social media platforms will help turn your followers into valuable customers.

Here are the eight ideas for you to try out on your social media platforms;

Upload Photos of Your Workspace

Many people love to look behind the scenes and what’s happening in your brand, company or organization. Take a picture of your workspace and share it on social media to turn your visitors into customers. Behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram will work wonders for your business.

Drop in Questionnaires

As a part of your social media content strategy, you can develop interesting and simple questions related to a brand to attract attention from your audience. Many people love to answer questions on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Introduce Your Workforce

Use social media to introduce your employees or newcomers to your audience to make customers become familiar with your brand. You can conduct a virtual welcome party for new employees on social media, which helps build teamwork among your organization and with social media followers. Choose to post about your employees on LinkedIn and Instagram platforms.

Share Popular Trends

Most people love to be updated on the current trends related to your niche. When you post popular information about your store, website or organization on social media, it can boost followers and visitors to your website organically. This is one of the best ways for Facebook and Instagram advertising. You can link to popular websites and blogs for back links.

Upload 1-Minute Videos

People love to purchase products and get services from brands they trust. You can create simple videos about new products, offers in video format and share it on Pinterest for attracting attention from a global audience. When people get the gist of your brand, it becomes easier for them to visit your website.

Get to Know Your Customer

Social media campaigns are great for understanding and analyzing your customers’ buying habits. You can pick a customer from your social media followers and interview them and ask for their feedback through videos. This will help other customers to trust your brand’s credibility and reliability. Give discounts and awards to one customer per month on Facebook or Instagram.

Post Events

If you conduct or attend events, you can share details about the event on social media platforms for attracting customers to the event. You can share pictures, articles about the event to let people see what you have been up to recently.

Share Infographics and Statistics

Most people are interested in valuable information about a brand as informative infographics. If you have read any interesting statistics or articles related to your industry, you can share it on your social media platform to get people’s attention and even shared among your groups. Keep posting infographics, statistics, email newsletters and other announcements regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How to Make Your Website Useful for Customers?

Website is a powerful medium that can attract attention from the entire world to your own corner. A customer-friendly website can be the doorway to grow a successful business. If you are planning to create a robust and innovative website for your business, here are the ten things to consider making it useful for your visitors,

Contact Information

A person who visits your site will first look into the contact information of your business to get in touch with your products or services. It is important to have a separate “contact us” tab on your website to keep the page accessible to visitors. Customers need your address, business hours and phone number on your homepage display to contact for enquiries.

About Your Brand

Most people want to know about your business and services. An “about us” page with the company’s history, accomplishments and license will attract customers to your website. Even if you hone a lot on your homepage, this is one of the important pages on your website.

Services Offered

A website must have plenty of information about the brand and the service to generate leads and customers. A visitor who is interested in getting services from your brand will check the “service page” on your website to opt for your services. Portfolio matters the most on a website to make it user-friendly.

Clear Navigation

Most customers prefer a simple and user-friendly website rather than a complicated one. Organize your pages into categories and use standard terms on your menus to make your website comfortable for even an amateur to navigate.

Good SEO Practices

If you want your website to be useful for a wide range of audience, you need to hire good SEO experts for optimizing your website according to Google standards. Search engine optimization helps attract plenty of website traffic and also rank your website higher.

Targeted Landing Pages

Even though most visit the homepage of the website, that is not the best strategy for a useful website for customers. Creating targeted landing pages for specific subjects will help you increase conversion rates by converting your visitors into qualified leads and customers.

Relevant Images

A website with images and the right colours will appeal to the eyes of customers. You can add multimedia such as videos, introduction, slideshows, animations and other images to add excitement to your home page.

Update Content

A website that has a lot of traffic depends on the frequent updates on your website. If visitors notice that your content isn’t current, your site loses credibility and even traffic can reduce. It is important to always continuously update your site; add good content and remove any information that is obsolete to keep it interesting for your customers.


Most users want a lot of information about your brand, services and products on your website. A blog with relevant content and useful information will help customers to use your website for learning and solving their queries.

Social Media

You can add social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social media platforms to attract customers. When you have a blog on your website, the content needs to get automatically published on social media platforms for increased activity and website traffic. It is even simpler to gain a lot of visitors when they use your website through their social media accounts than search engines.

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5 Ways to Up Your Digital Marketing Game

Are you running a successful optimized advertising campaign for your brand awareness? How can you know your campaigns are reaching the right target audience and getting the attention through these digital marketing strategies?

New age digital marketing relies on social media platforms, click-worthy advertisements, and diversified media attention to get better ROI. If you are looking to improve your digital marketing strategies for your business, here are the five things you can do to up your marketing game and increase brand awareness.

Mix Up Your Marketing Plan

The digital world is constantly changing and as a developing brand it’s important to be on the top with innovative ideas and marketing strategies that can help get public attention. With people getting exposed to new products daily, it becomes difficult to get loyal customers that make repetitive purchases. You can build brand loyalty and customer retention by marketing your products on different platforms. Instead of focusing only on one or two mainstream platforms, you can diversify and attract attention from small growing platforms to established ones based on your budget to get better ROI.

You can mix up your digital marketing plans by creating specific ad campaigns for social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and affiliate marketing. A successful digital marketing strategy that works on plenty of platforms can increase brand awareness and create specific audiences to lift your revenue goals. It becomes easier to target plenty of audiences with similar online behavior. You can spread the right message to the right people across the web. When you decide to use different platforms for marketing goals, it can help you fine-tune your content strategy before investing in other platforms.

Use Push Notifications

Push notifications can be one of the best strategies for digital marketers to attract existing and potential customers to their brand. We must streamline customer engagement to get continuous support and approval for your brand. We can achieve this only through persistent efforts and push notifications.

Push notifications are instant updates sent to a wide audience based on their personalized needs. We can customize them to your clients across various industries including E-Commerce, content marketing, retailers, B2B, banking, finance and insurance. When visitors click your push notifications, it provides better user engagement than other types of instant updates. These notifications help get direct users through your social media channel, promote products, services, special offers and build brand reputation by delivering valuable content.

Get Personal with Your Customers

One of the major factors that can build a successful brand and help you sustain for the long haul is the way you interact with your customers and build trustworthy relationships. Getting personal with customers can help you develop products and services according to your customers’ needs, which will help them be more loyal to your services. You can collect personal information such as name, gender, location, likes, interests and their feedback to create a targeted campaign for organic views.

The value of insight gained through customer research and feedback can help you maintain better customer service, training programs, and customer engagement. Personal customer service is a powerful idea to reach your customers effectively. Connected customers make repeated purchases and repeated customers are vital to the success of a business.

Automate Communication

Customers expect round-the-clock services and instant solutions, which makes it important for brands to create automated communication tools such as chatbots to help customers 24/7. You can use chatbots to answer millions of questions across multiple channels and collect information from thousands of sources within a brief span, saving you a lot of time and money.

Chatbots offer the best of both worlds. It can automate a huge part of your customer communication, without hindering customer service and support. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, it is better to use automated chatbots to change your digital marketing game. You can use chatbots on your social media platforms to keep customer engagement smooth and lively. It helps create FAQs automatically instead of answering the same questions throughout the day. Chatbots increase the volume of marketing conversations, which means it can bring more sales in through these automated robots.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social media has become one of the powerful and popular platforms for advertising your products and services to global audiences. If you want to improve your digital marketing game in 2021, it is best to create a strong online presence on different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social media campaigns can attract plenty of followers and subscribers from various parts of the world which can help build a strong sustainable foundation for your brand. You can create interesting content, blog posts, videos, images and share it instantly over your social media platforms to get potential customers. Interactive content like quizzes, polls, surveys, infographics contests, games and product reminders will make a great emotional impact.


Digital trends in marketing are always changing and evolving rapidly, which can make it difficult to keep up with what is currently happening with your potential customers and keep them engaged. Creating optimized digital marketing strategies for customers with improved technologies and upcoming tools will be the best bet to keep up with growing trends. If you are looking to up your digital marketing game, call us to get instant information on the latest digital marketing strategies.

8 Ways Custom Mobile Apps Boost Sales Teams Productivity

Having a customized mobile app opens up many opportunities for sales teams across the globe. There are a variety of apps that can cater to the common needs of businesses. But creating a custom mobile app for your business can boost the productivity and workflow of your sales team.

Here are the benefits of creating a customized mobile app to streamline and improve your internal and external sales operations and save a lot of time and money for your sales employees.

Lead Generation

Lead generation plays a key role in boosting businesses across the world. The most important operation of a sales team is to capture leads by meeting new people, listening to useful industry meetings, and finding the best way to attract customers and prospects for your company.

By using a customized mobile app, you can capture leads, track apps and address the sales needs instead of manually entering the contact details or sharing your business cards with people. You can enter the products of interest and services through the app for capturing new leads.


One of the prominent situations embarked by a sales team is the reporting after meetings and other exchanges with customers and team members. Employees must be in touch with the team to discuss post meetings and other client interactions, which makes reporting one of the important features to have on a customized mobile app.

Creating a customer reporting app will be a brilliant solution for people to report within a matter of minutes using a mobile device from anywhere. They can send instant messages and updates on the app instead of using complex spreadsheets. Sales team can convey information about products, budget considerations, additional data and expectations for immediate closing of sales through the app.

Centralized Database

Automation of workflow processes enables the marketing and sales team to feed details and client information digitally and retrieve them from the cloud whenever as required. Customized mobile applications provide information of the retailer, manufacturer, and distribution agent with the help of a centralized database system called the customer relationship management software.

This automation tool helps sales representatives to track information and also record activities from external sources within a single system. The database helps team members to get information and store data in a streamline manner, helping individuals to work effectively.


Data analysis helps sales teams to calculate the budget of offering a new service or product to the customer. With a customized mobile app, it becomes easy to calculate the details with 100% accuracy and deliver the products on time. The app helps in collecting data from various locations, helping clients to improve their delivery rates and engage better with customers without going back and forth for updates at different times.

When you can analyze the complete information in terms of history, payment status, customer ratings, projects implemented and products ordered, it becomes easy for representatives to pitch their products and services to prospects.


Most organizations use sales metrics to gauge performance and progress towards a company’s goals. A lot of sales teams are under constant pressure to meet their numbers. Having reliable data plays a huge role in getting better results. With customized mobile apps, it becomes easier for marketing sales and revenue teams to analyze sales metrics and predict overall sales goals for any period.

Sales forecasting with a custom app integration helps you track attainments, pipeline coverage, conversions, KPI reporting and sales activity data. It also helps in generating weekly and quarterly forecasts for advanced level sales metrics to ensure predictable revenue by hitting their targets accurately.

Client Interaction

With a customized mobile app, it is even possible to include customer relationship management (CRM) software within the sales team mobile application to boost employee productivity and develop good rapport with clients and customers.

Mobile applications can be extremely useful when making interactive sales presentations and connecting with clients at a personal level. Sales reps can close deals faster and create proposals on the go helping in increased efficiency by offering competitive prices.

Real-Time Updates

Remote work has become popular among sales teams as they are prone to visit a lot of places to collect leads and engage with clients and customers. It becomes challenging for managers to get whereabouts and information of employees working at different places at one particular time. But with a custom mobile app, it’s easier to track and get updates from employees in real-time.

Employees can also benefit from mobile apps as it helps them to share marketing materials, presentations, brochures, promotional videos, pricing sheets and much more to prospective customers easily. It is also possible to collect real-time data along with analytics; statistics and key metrics improving the sales process.

Interpersonal Relationships

Most sales teams are spread across a large geographic region, which makes it difficult to connect and communicate with fellow team members. With customized mobile apps, you can interact with your team members and work together effectively.

It helps create a safe environment for people to share their ideas, news updates, and develop greater personal relationships among their team members. It helps representatives to train their team members by sharing content videos and live webinars through the custom mobile app.