8 Important factors for Instagram Marketing in 2021

Are you interested in marketing your content on the most popular social media platform; Instagram? This has become a sought-after platform for brands, small businesses and startups because of instant results and popularity. Every social media platform has an algorithm on its own and as business owners you must understand the principles behind the Instagram algorithm to suggest content and set up marketing strategies to these standards.

If you are wondering why there are always fewer followers or content reach for your brand, you might have to consider these eight factors to determine how Instagram feed might work for your audience.

8 Factors to Consider for Instagram Marketing

Relevancy: If your brand deals with a specific niche such as food, gaming or entertainment, you can post videos and photos related to this niche. Instagram will start ranking your post based on the relevant niche. It will track your past activity, your potential audience interests and suggest your content.

Timelines: Instagram considers timelines as one of the key factors for ranking. It will check the recent timelines of your post and sort them according to your visits. Instagram algorithms track when you post and keep a note of the interesting posts and latest posts which have got more likes and followers to increase your brand’s visibility. The more you post on Instagram, the greater the reach.

Social Circle: If you have a group of friends or a community on Instagram, the algorithm follows your friends, mutual friends and the community circle. The more you interact with these people, Instagram will study your past interactions to see which account you engage most often with and make suggestions.

Frequency: Every time a user opens up the app, the Instagram algorithm will try to show the best pots since their last visit on their feed. It will check your recent and older posts and the timeline between each visit on the app. If the user checks Instagram frequently, it will post the relevant content on their feed.

Followers: Each brand has several followers on Instagram and the algorithm plays a key role for showing up your content based on your follower’s feeds. If a large percentage of your following is negative, then you may have lesser ranking on the Instagram algorithm. Try to increase your followers for greater brand awareness.

Usage: If a user spends enough time on Instagram app, they could run out of new content. As per the algorithm, most of the content has already been viewed by the users. In such cases, the algorithm will serve suggested content from new accounts based on your user’s previous interactions. If they spend only a limited time on the app, the algorithm shows only highlights from the day.

Engagement: Posting quality content on Instagram makes people engage with your content with comments, likes and shares. Based on your followers, the Instagram algorithm will encourage more engagement on your posts. They will make your content visible in a non-promotional way.

Impressions: Instagram offers brands to stand out from the crowd using their reels option. Use both organic and paid posts on Instagram to get views and impressions. Instagram algorithm analyzes your post and helps your audience connect with your reels effectively. You can tag products in Instagram reels and also highlight them on your stories to get potential customers.

Bottom Line

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to market your brand and increase your ranking. It is best to consider the Instagram algorithm to change your social media strategies. But when you keep posting relevant content consistently, your business account gets targeted audiences. Quality content gains recognition for a brand.

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