8 Social Media Content Ideas for Brands

If you are a small business owner looking to create social media content, this article will help you find innovative solutions for improving social media strategy for your brand.

Social media has become one of the popular platforms for brands to popularize their services and products for a global audience. Creating consistent and valuable content for social media on a day-to-day basis can daunt when you run out of ideas.

A 30-day social media content for different social media platforms needs brainstorming and valuable feedback from your targeted audience. When you understand your visitor’s needs and deliver content related to those aspects on your social media platforms will help turn your followers into valuable customers.

Here are the eight ideas for you to try out on your social media platforms;

Upload Photos of Your Workspace

Many people love to look behind the scenes and what’s happening in your brand, company or organization. Take a picture of your workspace and share it on social media to turn your visitors into customers. Behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram will work wonders for your business.

Drop in Questionnaires

As a part of your social media content strategy, you can develop interesting and simple questions related to a brand to attract attention from your audience. Many people love to answer questions on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Introduce Your Workforce

Use social media to introduce your employees or newcomers to your audience to make customers become familiar with your brand. You can conduct a virtual welcome party for new employees on social media, which helps build teamwork among your organization and with social media followers. Choose to post about your employees on LinkedIn and Instagram platforms.

Share Popular Trends

Most people love to be updated on the current trends related to your niche. When you post popular information about your store, website or organization on social media, it can boost followers and visitors to your website organically. This is one of the best ways for Facebook and Instagram advertising. You can link to popular websites and blogs for back links.

Upload 1-Minute Videos

People love to purchase products and get services from brands they trust. You can create simple videos about new products, offers in video format and share it on Pinterest for attracting attention from a global audience. When people get the gist of your brand, it becomes easier for them to visit your website.

Get to Know Your Customer

Social media campaigns are great for understanding and analyzing your customers’ buying habits. You can pick a customer from your social media followers and interview them and ask for their feedback through videos. This will help other customers to trust your brand’s credibility and reliability. Give discounts and awards to one customer per month on Facebook or Instagram.

Post Events

If you conduct or attend events, you can share details about the event on social media platforms for attracting customers to the event. You can share pictures, articles about the event to let people see what you have been up to recently.

Share Infographics and Statistics

Most people are interested in valuable information about a brand as informative infographics. If you have read any interesting statistics or articles related to your industry, you can share it on your social media platform to get people’s attention and even shared among your groups. Keep posting infographics, statistics, email newsletters and other announcements regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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