8 Ways Custom Mobile Apps Boost Sales Teams Productivity

Having a customized mobile app opens up many opportunities for sales teams across the globe. There are a variety of apps that can cater to the common needs of businesses. But creating a custom mobile app for your business can boost the productivity and workflow of your sales team.

Here are the benefits of creating a customized mobile app to streamline and improve your internal and external sales operations and save a lot of time and money for your sales employees.

Lead Generation

Lead generation plays a key role in boosting businesses across the world. The most important operation of a sales team is to capture leads by meeting new people, listening to useful industry meetings, and finding the best way to attract customers and prospects for your company.

By using a customized mobile app, you can capture leads, track apps and address the sales needs instead of manually entering the contact details or sharing your business cards with people. You can enter the products of interest and services through the app for capturing new leads.


One of the prominent situations embarked by a sales team is the reporting after meetings and other exchanges with customers and team members. Employees must be in touch with the team to discuss post meetings and other client interactions, which makes reporting one of the important features to have on a customized mobile app.

Creating a customer reporting app will be a brilliant solution for people to report within a matter of minutes using a mobile device from anywhere. They can send instant messages and updates on the app instead of using complex spreadsheets. Sales team can convey information about products, budget considerations, additional data and expectations for immediate closing of sales through the app.

Centralized Database

Automation of workflow processes enables the marketing and sales team to feed details and client information digitally and retrieve them from the cloud whenever as required. Customized mobile applications provide information of the retailer, manufacturer, and distribution agent with the help of a centralized database system called the customer relationship management software.

This automation tool helps sales representatives to track information and also record activities from external sources within a single system. The database helps team members to get information and store data in a streamline manner, helping individuals to work effectively.


Data analysis helps sales teams to calculate the budget of offering a new service or product to the customer. With a customized mobile app, it becomes easy to calculate the details with 100% accuracy and deliver the products on time. The app helps in collecting data from various locations, helping clients to improve their delivery rates and engage better with customers without going back and forth for updates at different times.

When you can analyze the complete information in terms of history, payment status, customer ratings, projects implemented and products ordered, it becomes easy for representatives to pitch their products and services to prospects.


Most organizations use sales metrics to gauge performance and progress towards a company’s goals. A lot of sales teams are under constant pressure to meet their numbers. Having reliable data plays a huge role in getting better results. With customized mobile apps, it becomes easier for marketing sales and revenue teams to analyze sales metrics and predict overall sales goals for any period.

Sales forecasting with a custom app integration helps you track attainments, pipeline coverage, conversions, KPI reporting and sales activity data. It also helps in generating weekly and quarterly forecasts for advanced level sales metrics to ensure predictable revenue by hitting their targets accurately.

Client Interaction

With a customized mobile app, it is even possible to include customer relationship management (CRM) software within the sales team mobile application to boost employee productivity and develop good rapport with clients and customers.

Mobile applications can be extremely useful when making interactive sales presentations and connecting with clients at a personal level. Sales reps can close deals faster and create proposals on the go helping in increased efficiency by offering competitive prices.

Real-Time Updates

Remote work has become popular among sales teams as they are prone to visit a lot of places to collect leads and engage with clients and customers. It becomes challenging for managers to get whereabouts and information of employees working at different places at one particular time. But with a custom mobile app, it’s easier to track and get updates from employees in real-time.

Employees can also benefit from mobile apps as it helps them to share marketing materials, presentations, brochures, promotional videos, pricing sheets and much more to prospective customers easily. It is also possible to collect real-time data along with analytics; statistics and key metrics improving the sales process.

Interpersonal Relationships

Most sales teams are spread across a large geographic region, which makes it difficult to connect and communicate with fellow team members. With customized mobile apps, you can interact with your team members and work together effectively.

It helps create a safe environment for people to share their ideas, news updates, and develop greater personal relationships among their team members. It helps representatives to train their team members by sharing content videos and live webinars through the custom mobile app.

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