Why Your Website Needs A Complete Revamp Today?

Did your conversion rates and sales diminish on your website? Does your website design look outdated and you get constant complaints from users? You might have to think about revamping and redesigning your website.

A professional web designer can help alter your website design and user-interface by creating an optimization strategy suiting your business verticals. They will change your logo, header, tagline, product page templates, shopping cart, and home page design to make it modern and trendy.

At Deforay, we can revamp a website with revolutionary and aesthetic designs that can improve your results and business metrics. Redesigning an existing website need skilled developers, creative work plan, and budget specifications. Only a professional web designing company can help meet your requirements and accomplish your goals with a redesign.

Time and money matter the most when revamping a website, therefore, choose a reputed web designing company who can dedicate ample periods of time and consider time-related budgets to make your web redesign project successful.

7 Signs Your Website Needs a Revamp

When you take stock of your current web metrics and analyze your “old” website, you can identify specific problems to know whether you need a revamp now. If you are still wondering whether your website needs a revamp, check the below-listed signs to make informed decisions.

• Outdated Design
• Poor SEO Results
• Unresponsive to Mobile Devices
• Not integrated with Social Media
• Security Issues
• Bad User-Experience
• Growing Competition

1. Outdated Design:

The website has age factors; if your website is older than five years, you should opt for a redesign. You must update the look, functions, and coding to suit the current trends. A website may become tough to handle as it ages. The first impression matters the most in business and an outdated website will diminish web traffic and prospective customers.

Initially, you would have chosen a basic theme or static HTML code to build your website. But, as time passes, it forces you to adapt to the latest technologies to sustain in the digital business world. A redesign would be the perfect opportunity to switch to a sophisticated website platform suiting your needs. It is important that your fonts, typography, logos, color schemes, and images are consistent across all your pages.

A well-executed web revamp gives,

• Better impressions
• Trendier web designs
• Functional Features
• Eye-catching looks

2. Poor SEO Results

One of the important reasons to revamp your website is when you face poor SEO results or Google Analytics Metrics. Optimizing your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies becomes critical to yield better results. If you are getting higher bounce rates and lesser conversion rates, it’s a sign that you should opt for a web redesign.

It will help keep and improve your site’s SEO with better organic search and content. Page-level optimization, URL change, and eliminating technical issues are crucial for getting direct traffic and leads.

A well-executed web revamp,

• Optimizes entire website
• Increases conversion rates
• Boosts ranking
• Improves web traffic
• Monitors relevant content and backlinks

3. Unresponsive to Mobile Devices

75% of website traffic is through mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhone, iPad, and tablets. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices, then you might lose a lot of traffic and potential customers. When your website is unresponsive to smartphones, then revamping it would be the ideal solution.

A mobile-friendly website can eliminate certain critical issues such as slow landing pages and loading time. You can drive a lot of traffic through mobile device searches which will help improve your sales and revenue.

A well-executed web revamp,

• Makes compatible with mobile devices
• Improves mobility
• Eases navigation on phones and tablets
• Generates mobile leads and traffic

4. Not integrated with Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in digital business, customers, and sales. If your website does not drive leads, sales, and marketing through social media platforms, then you should redesign your website. Many social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr help improve brand visibility and awareness.

If you want to expand or change your target audience, then social media integration will do the job. It becomes easy to promote a website, brand, service, or product through social media. When your brand is focussed on growth and revenue, you should not shy away from a website revamp.

A well-executed web revamp,

• Improves brand visibility
• Gives access to social media marketing
• Boosts business advertising
• Eases Seamless Sharing
• Creates an Online Community

5. Security Issues

Have you noticed any recent security issues on your website? Do you want to introduce an online payment facility on your website? Then, it’s best to revamp your website first to avoid security issues.

Cyber-attacks have become common with plenty of websites getting hacked every day. Getting your website redesigned can improve your data security and data encryption. Web developers can access your web history and fix bug issues during a revamp. They can help your website change to reliable hosting, SSL, password manager, HTTP, and become GDPR compliance. This will strengthen your site’s performance and security.

A well-executed web revamp,

• Secures your website
• Help gain the trust of consumers
• Protect against hacks and viruses
• Eliminates Bugs and Update issues
• Boost revisits from customers

6. Bad User-Experience

One of the most common reasons a website performs poorly and needs a revamp is when the user experience is awful. Customers are the backbone of the growth of a business and satisfying them with a revamp can improve their experience.

Users may find it difficult to find your brand online, the website on mobile devices, check or buy products from your website, or takes too long to load. If your existing customers are facing any underlying issues or raising any complaints, then you must start addressing their complaints with a plan to revamp your website.

A well-executed web revamp,

• Fixes content and images issues
• Improves User-Interface
• Organizes Pages
• Improves Brand Recognition
• Better customer service

7. Growing Competition

Have your competitors redesigned their website recently? Or do they get more sales and recognition for their brand? A business website becomes the key factor in portraying the success of a brand to global customers. If your website has slowed down, broken, or not able to withstand the influx of customers and sales, then you might get severely hit with your revenue and customers.

If your brand needs to stay ahead of competitors, then revamping it might be the best solution. Sales and marketing goals evolve as your business grows, and if you stay unevolved, then you might lose valuable clients o competitors who present themselves with regular updates and growth.

A well-executed web revamp,

• Solves customer complaints
• Enhances brand quotient
• Engages with the target audience
• Improves sales and marketing goals
• Better customer service and experience

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