Why Is Being Consistent Online More Important Than Going Viral?

Most brands dream of going viral. When your content gets shared by millions within a few hours, you will be on cloud nine. The passionate experience of attracting a large group of audience may give you a speck of adrenaline rush in the moment. But will it matter in the long run? As a leading digital marketing company in Chennai, we would rather help our clients see beyond the veil than create a delusion.

Being a popular brand with millions of followers and subscribers on social media is the goal for all startups and small businesses. We chase instant attraction from customers by choosing one strategy after another just to keep the whirlwind of going viral fantasy alive. But going viral is far more easily said than done.

There are many companies that sell you this dream of increasing your brand reach and awareness. You may invest in these strategies in the hope of making your brand become popular within a short span of time. However, if you don’t understand how content works on the digital platform, you may be disappointed in the idea of creating a concrete formula for success.

Trust Builds Consistency

“It’s Easy to Make Something Viral, But Longevity and Consistency, That’s hard.”

Many popular brands and business tycoons have acknowledged the fact that we live in a world that loves attention and instant gratification, but only successful brands understand that hard work is the only way to sustenance. People have emphasized a lot on the hope of “going viral” and achieving overnight success with thousands of likes, shares and comments.

But are they willing to invest in the viral ones? Do we look at brands that pop up randomly or choose ones that have been consistently delivering results?

Trust makes the audience stick to a brand. Building everlasting relationships with customers from day one creates a bond that stands tall against all the odds. Every product, video, blog post or service you launch, there are customers that appreciate your efforts. When you offer personalized services, it creates a strong rapport between your brand and the audience. It helps people to trust your brand. That’s immensely more valuable than a onetime hit.

Getting Audience is As Hard as Sustaining Them

Communicating with your followers matter the most in creating valuable and consistent content. Consistently producing quality content will bring in more audience for your brand than a viral video. You need to understand the needs, behaviors and buying patterns of your customers and ask for feedback to create a loyal audience.

Building a firm foundation of a loyal audience should be your priority rather than attaining several random people that have no interest in the products or service you offer. Keep aiming to work more, blog more and share videos consistently; you may one day become an internet phenomenon.

Forget Going Viral, Instead Offer Value

Viral content can have a big impact on the culture and lifestyle. There is a growing audience of social media influencers that steal the limelight with their sudden pangs of internet fame. But do they have staying power?

Going viral is like a hit and miss accident. The chances of people keeping their attention on these individuals are uncertain. Many have openly regretted this entire experience because of the pressure and publicity. When you have a concrete agenda, you will not focus on getting a 15-minute internet fame. It will not be a content strategy for your business.

If you want your brand to have long-term success, quit your focus on short-lived attention and fleeting fans. Rather invest in the right content marketing strategies to create useful and authentic content regularly.

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