Future of Voice Search Marketing for Businesses

Ok, Google! What is Voice Search?

Voice Search is the latest method followed by users to search products, services, and information through questionnaires on devices such as smartphones, iPads, laptops and Pc’s. Traditionally, a search was performed by typing the question on the search engine bar, but this method of using voice to perform a search on the internet is getting a lot of attention in the recent years.

Interesting Facts on Voice Search

· By 2022, Voice search-based shopping will escalate to $40 billion.
· About 50% of teenagers perform a search through voice every day.
· Most prefer voice-shopping for grocery online.
· Voice-based smart speakers demand is increasing globally making its market worth up to $30 billion.
· 60% of users manage weekly shopping through voice-based speakers.
· 50% of searches will be voice-based in 2020.
· 20% of voice-search is mobile-based.

Voice search optimisation
Voice Search optimisation

What People Search Frequently Through Voice?

· Local News and Information:

Google, show me the nearest coffee shop; is the grocery store open and how’s the weather?

These are the most frequently searched questions on Google voice search. People prefer screen-less searches while driving and doing chores. They just ask questions to their mobile phone or voice assistants to get instant information without the need to touch their devices. 40% of voice -searches were related to local news and information on Google.

· Recipes and Cookbooks:

Do I need to add paprika? Show me the recipe for apple pie and get the latest edition of this cookbook.

These are some questions users asked their voice assistants frequently while cooking at home. Voice-search helps people multi-task and most users search through voice while performing household chores. 35% of voice-searches were related to recipes and cooking on Google.

· Entertainment:

When will the movie release? Is the booking for the concert open? What’s the score?

People want to get instant answers to their questions and voice search helps them achieve it with no hassles. They can know the score, play an album or ask details of their favorite movie through voice. 60% of teenagers use voice-search for getting information on entertainment.

· Personal Assistant:

Show me my missed calls list, at what time is the meeting scheduled and call “Jim”.

These are the frequent voice search questions on personal assistant devices. People can perform their basic tasks without even picking up their devices through voice-search. 35% of older people use voice search to make a call to their loved ones and check their calendar.

· E-Commerce:

Order me a new phone, show me the latest makeup products, Is there a discount sale?

60% of people use voice search to shop for products and services online. Shopping tops the list of voice search as more than half of the users search for a product through voice assistants and mobile phones. Voice-based commerce is becoming the next revolution in the global market.

Why Brands Need a Voice Strategy?

As far as digital marketing for startups and established business is concerned, brands rely on web traffic and Google rankings to improve their sales and revenue. But with the increasing popularity of voice search, brands must develop a voice-based strategy for sustainability.

People search for the nearest restaurant, gas station, grocery store, and other utility centers through voice on their mobile phone. The results that appear on the screen are more likely to be accurate based on the location and distance of the user.

For example, when a person searches for electronic devices or makeup products, the mall closer to the person’s location appears as the first result. Even if there’s a popular store at a distance, the chances becomes much less for it to appear as the first result. Therefore, brands need to develop their SEO marketing strategies to generate precise results through voice search.

Some strategies that can be adopted by brands include,

· Using less and precise keywords
· Relevant Answers to questions
· Search Engine Optimized Content
· Text-to-voice conversion
· Voice-enabled commerce

The quality of voice-search technology is improving every year and brands need to opt for voice search SEO techniques as early as possible. Statistics show that voice-search is habit-forming and people who have once used this technology get repetitive with it. If this continues, brands can expect to generate greater revenue through voice-search marketing in 2020 and beyond.

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