Top 5 Reasons Your Business Can Benefit from Custom Mobile Apps

With increasing usage of mobile apps, businesses are looking to develop their own customized mobile apps. Many companies are willing to shift towards mobile app development because of the current emerging trends in increasing profits and visibility through mobile apps.

Mobile app statistics show that mobile point-of-sale revenues are expected to rise from $6.6 billion to $50 billion by 2021.

And it is estimated that an average human uses mobile apps for about 4 hours per day which rises the importance of developing customized mobile apps for your businesses to sell products and build loyal customers.

 If you are still questioning whether developing a mobile app will provide any massive benefits for your company, then let me suggest you the best 5 benefits your business will reap by creating a customized mobile app for your customers.

  • Build a Stronger Brand Recognition

Creating a custom mobile app for your business can improve your brand and recognition by greatly contributing to its awareness. A mobile app is like a blank canvas which can be modified according to your business needs and preferences by making it informative or technologically sound.

Customers will love a brand which creates an app with user-friendly interface, plenty of features and beautiful designs. They will immediately recommend this app to their friends, family and colleagues which can in turn, boost your company’s recognition.

The more often you get your customers to use your app, the more recognition and awareness you can get for your business. We cannot rule out the “word-of-mouth” popularity that brands gain by simply letting their customers speak volumes about their customized mobile apps and the features it provides.

When you let people to see and use your brand name frequently, it will definitely build your brand and recognition effectively. This can be achieved by developing a customized mobile app for your business and getting it noticed among your peers.

  • Better Connectivity with Customers

Customers are the backbone for the success and sustainability of a business. It doesn’t matter if you are selling flowers or technological products, you should create a way for customers to reach you. And custom mobile apps can be the best way to improve relationships with them by engaging in a more personalized way.

 Just think how many customers will be willing to pick up the phone and call you every time they have a question about your product or send a text asking the query and waiting for your reply for hours? Many don’t have the time or the patience to call customer care and talk about their issues. A simple app does the work thousand times better than a phone call or text message.

 If you are creating a customized mobile app with a messaging feature or help desk, you can definitely improve your customer service by automating the process of communication. A recent study in 2018 showed that 85% of customer interactions will be handled without humans. This clearly shows that mobile apps will be taking over the world of businesses and customer interaction by 2020.

  • Boost Profits and Market Value

Recent survey stated that India has become the fastest-growing market for apps in the world. The revenue generated through mobile apps is estimated to be $47 million in India and $3.2 billion in the United States. Other countries are also facing a sharp hike in their revenue across both platforms of Android and iOS apps.

This increases the importance of creating a customized mobile app to improve profits and the market value of your company in the internet business. As more than 300 million people using internet every day, the number of profits businesses will generate is inexplicable. Mobile app is the best way to improve the wallet-engagement from your customers. You can promote sales and provide a level of value to your customers which they cannot get anywhere else.

Many companies use mobile apps to their advantage by speeding up the whole purchasing process. Digitizing the entire process of selling products through a mobile app will help boost sales instantly and motivate customers to make repeated purchases.

  • Become Popular by Providing In-app Information and Offers

One of the biggest benefits of a customized mobile app is that you can provide all the information about your products and promote special sales and offers directly to your customers. You can push notifications, send instant messages and reminders about deals and much in-demand products to your customers within a jiffy.

 On-hand information will help them gain rewards and also collect loyalty points directly via your mobile app if you are creating a dedicated loyalty program for your customers. Many services create smartphone-based loyalty programs to enable customers to use them wherever they feel like and stick to the brand for future benefits. This is one of the best ways to create loyal customers for your brand and also retain them in the longer haul.

  • Be the First Among Your Competitors

 Running a successful business demands you to be always on the top and stand out from the competition to greatly improve your business. Creating a customized mobile app will help you take a big leap ahead of your competitors by becoming popular among your customers.

Nowadays, people prefer brands that enable them to buy products through apps instead of websites or making in-person purchases. If you are choosing a forward-thinking approach to make your business stand out via a mobile app for your company, you will be astonished to see customers regularly visiting your app.

Bottom Line

About 90% of companies have invested in mobile apps because of customers and profits they gain through this incredible technology. If you are planning to create a customized mobile app, then contact us for getting the best knowledge about the processes involved in developing a tailor-made app for your business!

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