Custom CRM vs Off-the-Shelf CRM

There are many technologies that provide a better customer experience, including customer relationship management platforms that have become quintessential and ubiquitous in recent years. Small businesses and startups can access customers’ information and their interactions in a central location through these brilliant cloud-based platforms.

CRM can provide a personalized experience to customers by analyzing their shopping patterns, sales data, and even integrating e-Commerce components to improve the business. There are two types of customer relationship management platforms; custom CRM and off-the-shelf CRM.

Before analyzing the CRM options available in the market, consider the possibilities of a custom CRM because it is better than an off-the-shelf CRM. Using a customized CRM can influence the value of the business in the global market. Since we create customized CRM software, we would help you choose the right CRM software for your business.

Difference Between Custom CRM and Off-the-Shelf CRM

A custom customer relationship management software caters to the needs of businesses by packing in features and functionalities that can help analyze, track and record, your customers’ behavior and purchasing patterns. From lead generation to sales and customer service to technical support, your daily operations can run more efficiently when you integrate CRM systems with multiple departments.

Whereas, an off-the-shelf CRM system has a specific set of features and functionalities any company can use. They are not intuitive to your unique processes in the way a custom CRM system is. However, off-the-shelf CRM tools are readily available, easy to install and fulfill basic purposes for many small businesses.

On the core level, all CRM software collects information and stores it in a centralized database that is like an Excel spreadsheet. This centralized database will help backup all your data, track and collect information based on your business needs.

Both custom CRM and off-the-shelf CRM work for various purposes and business verticals, but if you are planning to choose a reliable customer CRM system, understand the pros and cons between these two;

Pros of Custom CRM Software

There are many benefits you can get from custom CRM software such as,

A custom CRM solution will help you form a seamless integration within the immediate environment. It will be easier to integrate your workforce, applications, team members from different departments into a single unified system to better your performance.

The important reason to go for custom CRM software is to get increased security for your data. It’s difficult for third parties to access the data, as they fully protect from malicious activities and cyber-attacks. Engineers use the latest technologies in custom CRM software to keep your system protected from unwanted and unnecessary viruses.

We build CRM from scratch based on your company’s needs, visions, goals, and objectives. A custom CRM solution is completely scalable where you can add other features and facilities based on your company’s growth.

A custom CRM software will help you monitor and analyze your company’s growth results, sales, and marketing strategies to help you develop sophisticated and competitive strategies to stay ahead of your competition with timely reports and real-time processing.

Another important pro of having custom CRM software is you can update your software without waiting for any third-party vendor or getting permission to add on additional features or revamp your system completely.

Pros of Off-the-Shelf Software

There are plenty of benefits of off-the-shelf CRM software such as,

This tool offers a set of features that help you access, track and record customers’ data and information for better customer service and engagement.

Most off-the-shelf software is readily available.

It is easier to install, and you need not wait for any team members to come and do the installation.

You can quickly connect and integrate the off-the-shelf CRM software with many popular services and other software systems.

Most of the prepacked CRM solutions offer free trials and demos which you can get at no cost to check whether it meets the company’s needs by going for off-the-shelf CRM software.

Bottom Line

If you want highly secure and scalable software, go for a custom CRM that can help you stay protected from cyber-attacks and have control over your information. A custom solution is tailor-made according to your specific needs so that they’ll always be the best fit to analyze your situation and the right solutions for your business.

To invest in the right CRM solution for your company, you can definitely contact us as we can offer you the top CRM consulting services for establishing the best CRM strategy for your business.

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