Why do I need a website ?

  1. First and foremost, a website makes it easy for potential customers, investors, existing customers etc. to know and understand  more about your products/services.
  2. There is always a possibility of selling your products/services online. It is available 24×7 and it is accessible even to people who cannot possibly visit your offline establishment.
  3. Even if you do not wish to sell your products/services online, your website could be an excellent medium to reach out to prospective customers. It could be your salesman who never sleeps !
  4. A website is like an extended, interactive business card which wont get lost in your client’s drawer or closet. You can showcase your products or services or even your previous work. You can have your client testimonials. Best of all, you can update information and the whole world can access it, instantly !
  5. A professionally designed website with properly planned out content can create a very solid first impression.
  6. Chances are that your competitors already have a website and web presence. You might be losing a sizable business to them just because your prospective customers searching online don’t even know you exist !

It makes perfect sense to have a website in today’s internet centric world. People like to search for information on a product/service before they decide to purchase it. If planned and marketed properly, your website can increase your leads and eventually sales.

I would love to read your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment below.

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