Why Your Business Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a great tool for businesses to develop excellent relationships with customers. In recent years, many startups and established businesses have implemented CRM software to expand their sales and growth in the global market.

But, with the increase in smartphone use, companies are looking to shift their strategies focusing on the mobile platform. In this blog post, let us know how creating CRM software for a mobile device will increase sales, productivity, and revenue of a business.

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a cloud-based software designed for mobile devices or smartphones. The tool is created as a Mobile CRM App which helps sales personals and employees to keep track of their customer’s data and purchases. It is a real-time software helping business owners to engage with their customers 24/7 and understand the rise in demand for their products and services.

How Mobile Usage Has Revolutionized Mobile CRM Strategies?

The e-commerce business is making a huge revolution through smartphones as millions of people are making purchases only through mobile apps. Companies are doing 40% of their business through mobile websites and earning revenues through online transactions. Most business executives own a smartphone and keep track of their sales through text messages and calls.

According to the recent statistics,

• Mobile internet usage is skyrocketing while desktop usage is diminishing
• Users spend at least 5 hours a day on smartphones
• 70% of web traffic is through a mobile device
• 80% of customers expect a reply online from the brand’s customer service
• 50% of customers use mobile phones to search for brands and raise a complaint
• 45% of people won’t prefer a brand if they don’t offer a mobile experience
• 85% of customers buy from companies with mobile websites or apps

4 Unique Advantages of Mobile CRM for Businesses

Mobile CRM software can deliver improved benefits of cloud-based CRM solutions compared to standard system-hosted software. These include,

1. Mobile CRM Improves Relationships with Customers

The key advantage of implementing a mobile CRM software is that it can help keep a record of customer’s data, purchases, and queries in a single secured system. With this function, it becomes easier for sales representatives and customer service personnel to generate real-time responses and solutions. It helps businesses to develop greater trust and reliability with the customers.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Customers are,

• Access to critical information of customers
• Send and receive real-time updates
• 24/7 record of customers and leads
• Provide instant solutions to queries

2. Mobile CRM Increases Productivity of Employees

The success of an organization lies in the collaboration and combined productivity of its employees. It is difficult to keep track of your company’s sales representatives, managers, and executives daily and can only know about their whereabouts; when they report back. But, with a mobile CRM app, you can talk and know the status of each of your employees in real-time.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Workforce are,

• Keep track of the meetings and tasks regularly
• Centralized database to interact, share and maintain information
• Notifications of to-do lists
• Addition and deletion of tasks

3. Mobile CRM Boosts Sales and Revenue

It is important for a business to develop a good rapport with salespersons and clients to boost sales volume and revenue. By having a mobile CRM app, it is easy for businessmen to engage with clients and share information at the fingertips. The lesser the time to search for leads, client information, and customer data, the greater the time spent on nurturing existing relationships.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Salesforce are,

• Gain new customers and clients
• Improved sales cycle
• Click-to-call function for meetings at any location
•  Greater revenues

4. Mobile CRM Enhances Data Quality

In-house employees and sales representatives often require information about customers, clients, and companies outside of workplace. A mobile CRM tool allows centralized storage of data, making it easy for them to access relevant information from anywhere. This also holds the record of previous meetings, pitches, sales reports, and additional information. It enhances the quality of data through real-time updates.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Data are,

• Instant Data Accessibility
• Store and update data in real-time
• Scheduling appointments, meetings with data inventories
• Fix errors, generate automated reports and validate new data

Because of all these benefits, many SMB’s and enterprises are shifting to mobile CRM strategies to yield better sales, revenue, and prospects. If you are planning a mobile CRM strategy for your business, then get in touch with us.

Top 5 Reasons Local Business Must Have A Website in 2020

If you are starting a new business or trying to establish a start-up company, then you must know the importance of a website for your brand. Having a digital platform to showcase your skills and products will not only boost sales but also create an online identity.

Many believe that small or local businesses do not require a website since brick and mortar stores will do the job. But in reality, it is necessary for even local businesses to have an online identity and social media presence to reach a wider audience. People are not willing to visit physical stores due to traffic, crowd and unproductive time. They instead order products online and visit a bunch of websites to get their desired commodities.

Most local businesses focus on a certain part of the world and they assume that there won’t be much demand for their goods globally. But, because of rapid migration for employment needs, most people have settled in different parts of the world and demands for local produce and products is ever increasing. If you want your brand to be popular and successful, then having a website can be the best way to make your dream come true.

Here are a few reasons to create a business website in 2020,

1. Cater to Digital Customers

Six out of ten customers look for companies and brands that have an online presence to purchase a product. According to Forbes, 58% of global population use the internet and 75% of consumers search for the website, product reviews and prices online before making a purchase from physical stores.

If you want your local business to shine, then have a website to cater to digital customers as they can decide the success of your brand. With a digital platform, you can attract plenty of potential customers and market your products every second globally.

2. Promote New and Existing Products

It takes a lot of money and time to design and print brochures and pamphlets every time you create a new product. But with a website, you can add-on products and showcase your existing products without spending extra money.

51% of people prefer brands that promote their products online and expect business to display their products on their professional website.

Almost 70% of people go back to previously visited websites to rethink their decision and the chances of making a purchase is high with a website. So, make a business website to promote your existing and newer products online in 2020.

3. Become Accessible 24/7

If you snooze, you lose in this modern world. Customers want instant answers and solutions to their queries which can be challenging in the long run. Forbes data show that more than half of the customers expect companies to return their calls and messages within an hour even on weekends.

When you have a website with a simple technology such as Chat-bot, your brand becomes accessible round the clock. And it’s predicted that virtual assistants will handle 25% of customer service by 2020. Therefore, if your business wants to be in the race, build a website ASAP!

4. Enhance Your Credibility

Humans have two personalities in the digital world today; a virtual and a real one! A few years back, split personality was a disorder but not anymore. Nowadays, everybody thinks they may state their own opinions on various platforms without any permission. And honestly, most of it is not true.

This is scary because 60% of customers read reviews about a brand first before even trying it out. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most popular restaurant in town, if there are any bad reviews about your brand online, your business is doomed.

A website can be the best option for local business to create a good impression on potential customers. When you have the right information on your business website, you can automatically enhance your brand credibility.

5. Toot Your Own Horn

For a start-up or a local business, marketing your brand is the only way to achieve success. Increase your brand awareness by designing a user-friendly yet tech-savvy business website.

If you want to attract millennial’s, then design a website to toot your own horn because 63% of them interact with a brand online first. That’s almost one third of the total global population.

53% of customers don’t recommend a brand if there’s no website or has a poorly designed one. Imagine how many customers you are losing every minute by not having a website for your local business.

Word-to-mouth popularity is also inclined towards a business having a strong online presence. So, it’s time to create a Google presence for your brand in 2020!

Why not kick start your new year 2020 by sending us a message to build your business website? Let’s begin the year together!