10 Advantages of Custom Software for Businesses

Custom software plays a crucial role in the efficiency and growth of a business. A custom-made software suits the needs and requirements of the organization by being flexible in its design and features. This software promotes greater output by saving time, reducing costs and improving profits.

Custom software has various benefits which make it popular among small and large-scale businesses in recent years. Many organizations focus on building custom-made products rather than off-the-shelf software because of its versatility and flexibility. Here are the 10 advantages of Custom Software,

Custom software development
Advantages of using Custom software development

1. Custom Software is Personalized

When you are buying an on-the-shelf software, you may never understand how to merge its functionalities with your workflow because it’s pre-made. However, developing a personalized software based on your company’s workflow and processess will make the job easy for you in the long haul. Custom software personally caters to the needs of an organization.

2. Custom Software is Cost-Effective

Buying or building software for your business is a cumbersome task as it involves huge amounts of money. Off-the-shelf software is priced based on its features and extensions, making it costly for business to create software for several operations. However, when you build custom software, you can include only the essential processes and eliminate the rest, saving a lot of money in designing personalized software.

3. Custom Software is Secure

Every business focusses on building secure software for proper functioning of their management. Since the custom software is designed by technical experts, the chances of hacks and virus threats become minimal. Since custom software is used only by your team, it improves its security greatly.

4. Custom Software is Compatible

It is a waste of time to design several software applications for an organization, as it is time-consuming and costly. By designing one custom software for sales, marketing and workflow, you can change it according to the needs of the company as it highly flexible.  It is also compatible with many company tools and devices. On-the shelf software cannot be altered whereas custom software is changeable.

5. Custom Software is Easy-to-Integrate

General software has plenty of integration issues, which makes it unsuitable for many company operations. Whereas, custom-made software can be integrated with multiple processes since it is designed based on the organization’s needs and workflow. This reduces stress and unnecessary inputs from other teams in the company.

6. Custom Software is Easy-to-Automate

Automation plays a vital role in improving the performance and efficiency of any organization. It is not possible to automate functions on an on-the-shelf software. But, in custom software, the workflows can be automated by implementing the information got by interacting with the teammates and understanding their process. In this way, both individual and group activities of the company can be automated efficiently.

7. Custom Software is Maintenance-Friendly

Businesses depend on the off-shelf software developer for repairs and technical errors which creates additional maintenance costs for the software. But, with custom software, the programs remain in good condition as long as they use the software within the organization. Also, the support staffs are available online for instant rectification of errors.

8. Custom Software is Durable

Many companies buy off-the-shelf software for its price, features or brand and face constant problems while using it at their premises. These may work only for a limited period of time and cause unrepairable issues forcing you to buy other software. Custom software is durable and works without any issues for a long period as it is designed specifically for your organization.

9. Custom Software is Versatile

The best part of choosing a custom software is that it can be designed for startups, small and large-scale business and enterprises. Size doesn’t matter with custom software as it is made specifically to meet the business requirements. The entire organization can use this software as it is scalable to fit different purposes of the team members.

10. Custom software is Risk-Free

When an organization is running on off-the-shelf software, the chances of going bankrupt is higher as the software can fail at any time. This may lead to several losses for the employees as well as distributors and investors. The risk factor is more for a business running on standardized software since it does not suit the needs of the organization accurately. However, the risk is nil with custom software as it ensures the business is in safe hands.

Have you Considered Website and Mobile Apps to Boost Your Business?

With the e-commerce industry flourishing in every nook and corner of the world, every business must focus on developing customized mobile and website apps for engaging with potential customers. Apps have become an integral part of our lives. From online shopping, entertainment to money transfer, everything can be done with the help of these apps.

Global statistics show that,

• 90% of mobile time is spent on apps.
• 85% of the world population prefers shopping through apps.
• 67% of mobile phone users visit the web through their smartphones.
• 60% of searches were on mobile and 40% on desktop.
• People view apps more than websites.
• 80% of global connections will be made through smartphones by 2025.

With plenty of importance to web and mobile applications, there is no doubt that these are taking the world by storm in this decade. Businesses must consider creating user-friendly and comprehensive mobile and web applications to grow their business globally.

Mobile and web Apps
Mobile and web Apps To Boost Your Business

What is a Website Application?

Website applications (web apps) are customized software programs that perform a specific function on the internet browser. These apps can be assessed through a network and need not be downloaded. Web apps are designed mostly for popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. The most commonly used web apps include e-commerce shops, calculators, emails and personalized utilities.

What is a Mobile Application?

Mobile applications (mobile apps) are customized software designed to run on a smartphone, watch or tablet. These apps can be downloaded only with the help of a mobile device. Most mobile apps are commonly used for gaming, entertainment, media, and e-commerce.

How Do Web and Mobile Applications Boost Businesses?

It is best to create efficient and easy-to-use web and mobile apps because it can expand your brand’s reputation, recognition, sales, revenue and customer satisfaction. Most of these apps can be made free-to-download, which can instantly raise target customers and boost profits without spending a lot of money.

Here are some ways that apps can help boost your revenues,

Expand Target Audience

Customers are the backbone of every business. By making them download your brand app, you are creating a heightened awareness about your products, services, and also making them make a purchase without leaving their houses. Apps can easily make a connection with your customers, and there are higher chances for recommendations to other users. These can build a stronger network with the target customers anywhere at any time.

Heighten Customer Loyalty and Retention

Every business wants to cater to the needs of their customers successfully to make them stick to the brands for a longer time. Since it takes a lot of effort to connect with existing customers through websites, a simple app will help make lasting impressions within a shorter span of time. Customers can buy, visit and interact with the brand 24/7 through the app which increases customer loyalty and retention.

Amplify Brand Value

It becomes crucial for startups, small and large-scale businesses to establish themselves as a successful brand. With the help of user-friendly apps, brands have greater success in creating and maintaining their reputation and brand name as it provides uninterrupted visibility and exposure to a wide range of audiences. Services and customer support can be operated 24/7 through mobile and web apps which helps in achieving greater trust and recognition for your brand.

Enhance Social Media Integration

Social media platforms are becoming the most essential entities for the success and profits of a brand. It is easy to connect to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram through mobile and web apps. These apps can bring in a new audience as well as advertise your services to bring in greater profits for your business.

Improve Business Operations and Marketing

Brands must automate and implement their brand operations in a streamlined manner to function effectively in the long run. By creating a secure mobile and web app, the productivity and efficiency of employees can be improved greatly. Salesforce and marketing activities can be carried out digitally through push notifications, in-app advertisements, and location-based marketing.


7 Key Advantages of Custom Software for Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical companies need to manage and maintain their relationships with a wide customer base including chemists, leaders, hospitals and healthcare clinics. Keeping track of each of these operations can usually become overwhelming, and traditional management methods may not be sufficient for running the business effectively. These companies have different customers which make collecting and storing data from each of them a cumbersome task.

A custom pharma software eliminates the need for checking hundreds of spreadsheets to find the relevant data by centralizing all the data into one single repository. Customized software provides location-tracking capabilities, automated prescription filling, barcode scan technology, inventory management, and sales management system in real-time.

A custom software service is adept at integrating cloud-based systems with a business framework to provide a lot of benefits such as,

Custom Software for Pharma Industry
Custom Software for Pharma Industry

1. Integrated Customer Database

A pharmaceutical company must keep a record of their patients, representatives, drug dealers, chemists, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other personals regularly. With a manual database, it might be difficult for industries to collect, store and manage the data for a long period. With a custom pharma software, the customer data can be integrated and stored as a single electronic database by automatically registering the data via phone calls, emails, surveys and in-person engagements with customers.

2. Automated Pharmacy Dispensing System

A pharmacy is required to fill hundreds of drugs, information and prescription details every day. With a pharma custom software, the same process can be automated with improved efficiency and accuracy. The software will help maximize operational efficiency, reduce dispensing costs, optimize drug information and delivery. It can also track inventory, offer real-time feedback to patients, refill and resubmit prescriptions and improve supply chain management.

3. Greater Inventory and Order Management

Inventory management plays a vital role in the productivity of a pharmacy. By consolidating the stocks and warehouse data, the customized pharma software can manage multiple vendors, routing orders, real-time screening, order verification and tracking of orders for delivery. By having a custom pharma software, you can combat drug shortages, track specialty drugs, avoid overstocking, reduce drug expiration and wastage costs.

4. Scheduled Customer Follow-ups

It is important for pharmacies to check back on their patients now and then to retain them in the long haul. Customers must know that the hospital or clinic cares for their welfare and a simple timely follow-up will do the job. A custom pharma software will automatically interact with the customers and schedule the next appointment based on the patient’s data. It will schedule patients for the expected time of day based on the type of care they need. The software can streamline the scheduling with greater flexibility.

5. Paperless Pharmacy System

A simple custom pharma software will make your pharmacy environmental-friendly with sustainable management. The benefits of paperless pharmacy are enormous. Orders, prescription filling, data processing, bar code technology, bills, HR and shipping documents can be regulated electronically which reduces storage, management, wastage costs and time significantly.

6. Reduced Pharmacy Costs

Automating workflow process through a custom pharma software can help in reducing expenses of the pharmacy without eliminating the staffs. The software helps in taking care of the drug interaction details, dosing guide and lab data through clinical integration which will greatly reduce the costs of the pharmacy.

7. Accurate Sales and Marketing Reports

A custom pharma software allows the pharmacy staff to make reports faster with the help of an extensive easy-to-use library of built-in reports. Custom reports can be made based on the particular information you wish to track and include in the report. With the help of these auto-generated reports, the pharmacy can easily track their sales and revenue for the fiscal year. The reports will also help in generating new strategies for increasing sales and marketing of pharmacy in the future.

Portfolio : Custom Software for WPC India

A couple of years ago, we were approached by one of India’s leading advertising agencies, WPC (http://wpcindia.in/) to help them automate and streamline their process and operations. Here is how we helped them.

The Challenge :

WPC has been slowly expanding its presence all over India and now overseas. The major challenge was to make a software that is scalable and capable to handle the growing needs of the company. We had to come up with a solution that does not require lot of training and can still handle all the complex business operations.

The Solution :

We came up with a web-based software powered by some of the latest technologies. Since the software is web-based, there are no infrastructure costs involved and can be used from anywhere in the world.

The software is at the core of WPC’s day to day operations. 

For eg. Following is a short overview of the Project Management aspect of the software :

  1. Managers create new Projects and break down each project into smaller tasks.
  2. They assign each task to one or more sub-ordinates.
  3. Each sub-ordinate gets alerted when a new task is assigned to him/her.
  4. They can see list of all tasks assigned to them.
  5. Once they decide to start work on a particular task, they fill out the details about the task and click on a button that marks the task as “Ongoing”.
  6. Managers can track progress of each task. They can see who is working on what and can track how much time was spent on each task.
  7. Once the task is completed, people working on the task can upload their work.
  8. Admin can now create invoice and mail the invoice without leaving the software.

In short, they use the software to assign work to employees, create cost estimates and prepare invoices (which can be mailed directly to the client through the software itself), pull out reports, assess employee performance, send messages to one another, have a discussion on a particular task or project etc.

The Result :

WPC has been using our software for about 2 years now. The company’s muck work is handled by the software so that the employees can focus on increasing their creative output and delighting their clients.

We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes around the world. We understand how crucial good software is for a company to grow or to maintain competitive edge. If you require a customized software solution, please contact us right away. We can work together to develop a custom solution for your unique business problems.