Mobile WAP Sites

Mobile wap site development

Your beautiful website might not look exactly pretty on mobile phones.

More and more people are using their mobile phones to surf the internet. Your website may actually not be fit for being viewed on mobile phones. You might be losing a small (but increasing) number of visitors due to this.

So what is the solution ? Get yourself a mobile based WAP site.

We create simple, user friendly and mobile friendly WAP sites. There is a compelling reason to create a WAP counterpart for your main website. The reason is that the number of mobile internet users is growing at an extremely rapid rate. Most major websites like Google, Yahoo, FaceBook etc. have a separate website specially for mobile devices.

It is very important that your WAP site should be light (less images and scripts) and should have a consistent user experience. We create just that, WAP/mobile websites that work. Sites that are simple to use and consistent with your main website.