Pharmaceutical Software Development Company

Pharmaceutical companies are seeking valuable technologies to accentuate their work processes in generating maximum profits. Deforay brings in their customised customer relationship management (CRM) tool to help pharmaceutical companies achieve this dream. While plenty of companies offer their expertise in CRM, Deforay stands one step ahead with their innovative and productive techniques designed particularly to suit the needs of each and every pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceutical Software Development Company

How Deforay's Pharmaceutical CRM works?

It's necessary to have a better relationship with your customers for growing your business and the revenues. A business that has a control over their employees, work strategies, sales and marketing principles naturally excels in their productivity and monetary returns. We, at Deforay focus on customising the CRM tool based on the activities, work structure and employee capabilities of the respective client to automate their organisation's workflow.

Our CRM tool focuses on,

  1. 1 . Increasing marketing efficiency through client contact tracking, customer databases and cloud-based solutions.
  2. 2 . Developing customised marketing strategies for better sales profits.
  3. 3 . Generating sales leads and combining different contact networks into a unified database.
  4. 4 . Tracking sample medications and checking spending limits.
  5. 5 . Providing bulk email communication and result analysis.
  6. 6 . Tracking customer information through any devices such as tablets and mobile phones.
  7. 7 . Developing long-term and sustainable relationships with clients.
  8. 8 . Reducing higher costs and retaining profits.