10 Advantages of Custom Mobile Applications for Business

The popularity of smartphones is inclining brands to create their own applications to impact their audiences. The demand for apps is growing exponentially as customers are becoming convenient in making purchases through them. A generic mobile app will not do this job; a custom mobile application can be the best solution for it.

Custom Mobile App Acts as the Key to a Better Business

A custom mobile app has features and facilities designed based on the needs and requirements of your specific business. From full-cycle development, back end API, communication network, and scalable user-interface, a mobile app helps stand out from your competitors.

Designing a customized mobile app for your business can raise your brand visibility among potential customers. It gives them an added advantage to choose your brand, products, and services. The app acts as the perfect solution for customer retention and loyalty.

What is a Custom Mobile App Development?

Custom mobile app development is creating a personalized mobile application for a brand by taking into account of their company-specific needs and goals. At Deforay, we discuss with the potential clients to understand their company’s mission and objectives to design a mobile app that portrays their vision to the public. We streamline the features and app design according to the target customers and their expectations. Custom mobile app development applies to both B2B and B2C startups, SME’s, and enterprises.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development

If you want a custom mobile app for your business, know their varied benefits before making a decision. A custom app comes with a myriad of advantages such as,

1. Personalized Experience

Customers need personalized treatment from a brand. With a custom mobile app, you can give this experience to your existing and potential customers with ease. Since we customize the app based on your company needs, it suits your ideal branding objectives. The budget, code, and features are as per your requirements, which can have a greater impact on your customer engagement.

2. Improves Productivity

The success of a brand depends on their employees’ productivity. A custom app streamlines and smoothens workplace collaboration with integration. In generic apps, it is difficult to track and monitor your sales, marketing campaigns, and employee workflow. A custom app can integrate and automate these processes which improve productivity within an organization.

3. Generates Leads

Statistics show that 75% of people use a mobile device to search for a product or brand and make a purchase through an app. If you want to engage with a global audience, then creating a custom mobile app will do wonders for your business. Create an amazing business app to grab the attention of your targeted users. By marketing and promoting your app to a global audience, you can generate leads and convert them into potential customers.

4. Higher Security

With the growing popularity of online businesses, it has become easy for hackers to pose threats to your applications. It becomes challenging for app developers to combat these threats on a generic app. But with a custom mobile app, it is easy to shield and protect your data from threats. There are plenty of data security systems and tools to protect sensitive information, and a custom app is built by focusing on data encryption, trusted APIs, high-level authentication, and tamper detection techniques.

5. Greater Scalability

Every business needs a scalable mobile app because of its ability to incorporate more resources, traffic, and user experience. A customized mobile app comes with greater scalability as we create it with a robust and flexible structure. It can minimize errors, reduce page loading issues, eliminate unnecessary updates, and enhance user experience. A scalable app is the best way to build long-lasting brand loyalty.

6. Heightens Revenue

Having a customized mobile app will help brands to read their customers’ behavior and buying practices. By monitoring and attracting customers with personalized messages, offers, and sales, it is easy to improve your revenue through mobile apps. With a custom mobile app, you can set up loyalty programs, build new strategies with data insights, send push notifications, and market products on social media. The mobile app will drive in-app purchases, new sales opportunities, and product popularity which will skyrocket your revenue.

7. Advanced Synchronicity

A single custom mobile app will simplify communication with existing and newer systems. By integrating tasks and information through automation, it helps in syncing data to various business applications. It facilitates easier tracking and monitoring of documents, projects, and client meetings saving time and money. We build custom apps with database integration features that help keep control over data sharing and related services.

8. Eases Maintenance

A custom mobile app is easy to update and maintain over long periods of time. We can incorporate any new data into the system without hampering the functionality of the app. When you use generic apps, you are at risk of updates from unknown app developers, but when a dedicated team works on maintaining your customized mobile app, they ensure proper maintenance and you can get complete control of your app.

9. Broadens Customer Reach

1 in 5 customers chooses a brand with an effective mobile strategy. They prefer buying products and services through a customized business app. When they send queries, feedback in real-time, customers stayed loyal to the brand for the long haul. By sending personalized messages and offers through push notifications, brands can broaden their customers’ reach and retention.

10. Enhances Mobility

A customized mobile app will 100% work across multiple devices and platforms. It helps to track, locate, and monitor sales and workforce in real-time. With a business app, you can ensure a great rapport and collaboration between employees and stakeholders as they stay connected through unified communication. A custom mobile application plays a vital role in the expansion of business in all dimensions.

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