6 Reasons Ecommerce Mobile Apps Will Revolutionize Your Business

“There’s an app for that”, a trademark phrase of the technology giant Apple emphasizes the growth of ecommerce industry through mobile apps.

With smartphones ruling the 21st century, mobile apps seem to have become an integral part of everybody’s life. From booking tickets to grocery shopping, there’s a mobile app for each and everything. Apps have made life easier and comfortable by making our presence confined to the cozy abodes.

There was a time when shop owners and businessmen used to open their premises early and close late in the night expecting humongous customer traffic. But, nowadays, they don’t even need to look for a physical store because a simple app can not only bring in sales and profits but also promote the brand and attract repeated customers.

Mobiles apps can boost ecommerce business by,

• Promoting a brand
• Building great customer rapport
• Sending personal greetings and messages
• Helping customers to search for products
• Reminding sales, discount deals and cashback offers

Mobile apps are reshaping the ecommerce industry by establishing reliable customer relationships and improving profit margins. Ecommerce apps can be built in both Android and iOS platforms for serving customers and gaining newer ones.

If you are looking for reasons to create a custom mobile app for your ecommerce store, then here are a few to help you out.

#1 Ecommerce Mobile Apps are a Great Shopping Alternative

People are migrating from websites to mobile apps because of its ease of use. These apps contain all the information required to complete a certain task. Nowadays, people prefer shopping from home than dressing up and driving on the crowded streets. A simple click on the shopping app or the brand app is enough to purchase a product. It saves time and energy while browsing on the website makes it strenuous.

#2 Start-Ups Love Launching their Store on an App

Many start-ups, entrants and enterprises choose a mobile app for launching their business and attracting customers than opening a store in a popular location. With real estate rates skyrocketing, mobile apps and online delivery is bringing much more profit than a local store. Both emerging and popular brands can make use of it.

#3 Mobile Apps Help Recognize a Brand Easily

One in ten find it difficult to remember a store name they have recently shopped from because they don’t notice it, unless required. This makes it tough for brands to increase the influx of customers to their store. However, a mobile app with your brand name can be found in the app store and once downloaded it stays on the screen.

Developing a mobile app for your business is less complex and expensive because there are plenty of companies willing to create a unique one for your brand. An ecommerce app helps people recognize your brand and suggest it to their friends and family.

#4 Ecommerce Apps Attract Customer Attention

Statistics show that people spend 90% of their screen time on mobile apps. About half of the time is spent on ecommerce apps. People are browsing for clothes, gadgets, decor, kitchen accessories and gifts for occasions through ecommerce mobile apps. So, naturally, having an app for your store will bring in more customers.

#5 Apps are Effective Communication Tools

Mobile apps are a great channel to send notifications, greeting messages, offers, coupons and discount deals to your customers instantly. Data shows that app coupons and cashback offer make customers stay intrigued for brand updates and also boost recurrent customer visits to the app.

#6 Ecommerce Mobile App Customers Are the Future

The future of mobile app business is what the world is entering! Apps are a perfect marketing and brand building strategy for all industries. We can use it as a channel for boosting sales, profits and reputation and success of your brand. Without a doubt, we can conclude that ecommerce and mobile app is definitely a match made on the internet!

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